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Since birth genetics had speculated that Riddick may not be able to speak. At this present moment, Riddick is able to make sounds with different tones in order to communicate, but he cannot speak. Riddick also communicates through various facial expressions and movement of his body. When Riddick was in the NICU at birth, speech therapists made several attempts to try tastes through a bottle as well as pacifiers, all without success. Since Riddick required a form of nutrition and a way to eat, a NG tube was placed in his nose that went down into his belly.  This allowed him to eat and obtain necessary nutrients. Riddick pulled the tube out constantly and it sometimes needed to be replaced several times a day. After a couple of months of having the NG tube, it was decided that a G-tube would be a better long term solution.

Speech therapists have continued to work with Riddick on small trials of food, however Riddick coughs when the foods goes down his throat. Therefore, small tastes are allowed by his doctor for stimulation purposes. Speech therapists currently see him once a week and work on oral stimulation.