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Riddick was born a few weeks early, at 36 weeks, on March 29, 2012.  He is now 2 years old and has 3 siblings; Kailey, Tyler and Axel.  His mother, Kristin and father, Scott, reside with him and they all live in Island Lake, IL.  Riddick goes everywhere with his family unless he has an illness – such as shopping, family outings, holidays with family, and even bike rides!

Since birth, Riddick has had a significant rough road but he has proven to be a strong little boy.  On a daily basis, Riddick requires chest and cough therapy, 11 different medications, several therapies, as well as going to any specialist appointment that he may have that day.  Riddick currently sees 23 different specialists/therapists due to his complex medical condition.  Riddick has never needed a nurse to care for him in the home up until now.  Riddick requires 24 hour care since he is trach and ventilator dependent.  His mother will take care of him with the help of a nurse during the day and his father will help care for Riddick after work and on the weekends with the help of a nurse. Nursing will be required at night so that both parents can sleep.  His father continues to make pureed food for him on a daily basis that goes in his feeding tube.

Riddick has been hospitalized 7 times, this year alone, due to colds, flu and pneumonia with his stays lasting 2 weeks or longer.  A common illness or cold that is more of a nuisance to you or I could negatively impact Riddick due to his chronic lung disease. Both parents are very active in going to doctors appointments as well as hospital stays. They both rotate in and out so that both parents can be there for Riddick.