Riddick's Ride Foundation offers families of individuals with complex medical needs the opportunity to borrow durable medical equipment as well as medical supplies FREE of charge.

Insurance companies and/or state funded programs often times will not cover certain equipment, will only allow 1 particular item to be purchased per lifetime or take forever to approve through the system.  Insurance companies may also limit the quantity of medical supplies making it hard to provide the best quality of care for the patient.  These individuals therefore lack the certain equipment/supplies that they need to survive in their everyday life.

Those like Kaiden (pictured below) who is sitting in the tumble form positional seat from our Lending Garage, need supplies/equipment to function in their everyday life. It is essential for individuals to have items like this to thrive and to achieve goals that we ourselves easily can accomplish. With the lending garage it's possible to get these items that are sometimes difficult to acquire elsewhere.

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