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At birth, Riddick's color was blue, which resulted in him immediately being rushed to the NICU. While in the NICU, Riddick was placed on a oscillator vent for 2 weeks and it had been determined that he was born with no surfactant so Riddick was given artificial surfactant. Once given the artificial surfactant, Riddick was able to tolerate a ventilator, which he was on for 6 weeks. Riddick was placed on 2 liters of oxygen, which is what he remains on today.

After being released from the hospital, Riddick was placed on several medications a few weeks later. These medications consist of albuterol for ease of breathing, flovent which is used as a maintenance steroid and furosemide/spironolactone used as a diuretic to reduce fluid on his lungs. These are daily medications Riddick remains on today.

Riddick's doctor, required follow up office visits every three months for routine check ups and to monitor his oxygen requirements. It was these frequent doctor visits that ultimately resulted in Riddick being diagnosed with chronic lung disease.

Over the past two years of Riddick's life he has been hospitalized many times due to numerous colds and bouts of pneumonia. As a result of his frequent hospitalizations it is still unknown if Riddick's oxygen levels will ever decrease. As it stands today, Riddick will undergo a lung biopsy as well as a CT scan of his lungs to figure out if there is some other underlying condition.