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At birth, Riddick's oxygen levels were extremely low. An MRI was done at a couple weeks of age, the results of which came back inconclusive. Doctors performed a video EEG at approximately 2 months old and some abnormal activity was discovered that required monitoring. No seizure activity was noted at this time.

When Riddick was around 4-5 months old, minor seizure like activity began to occur. A one hour EEG was performed and results noted additional abnormal activity. Over the next few months Riddick's seizure like activity increased and therefore doctors chose to perform an overnight EEG. When these test results came back, doctors diagnosed Riddick with epilepsy and myoclonic seizures (pop up to describe). Over the last 2 years of Riddick's life, he has had several overnight EEG's to monitor any changes in his seizure activity. Several anti seizure medications have been prescribed however none have been proven to be effective.

Most recently, doctors noted an increase in Riddick's head circumference. MRI testing was performed and showed a small percentage of brain shrinkage resulting in brain fluid to fill the space. Doctors are currently monitoring Riddick with routine MRI's. It has been determined that Riddick has severe developmental delays which have been seen and will continue to be seen over the course of his life.